Tuesday, 21 February 2012

This is my first blog – it is short and crisp. It describes the kind of things which will appear in the blog in near future and in long run. Basically for next one year or so this blog will revolve around my interest in Awadh cuisine, my travels, my acquaintances, food in general and other interesting things or events. On professional  matters relating to hospitality education and industry, however,  I will write blogs after my superannuation which is likely to happen in mid-2013 year as it sounds a bit unethical when one is in active Govt. employment.
Well to start with the Awadh cuisine :
I have co-authored with Sangeeta Bhatnagar a coffee table treatise on Awadh cuisine ‘Dastarkhwan-e-Awadh – The cuisine of Lucknow’ (published by Harper Collins (India) & India Today Group -first edition in the year 1998, second edition in the year 2006). It costs Rs. 395 in India and US$19.95 in other countries. To get a feel visit http://saxenark.tripod.com/awadh.html  The portal also has few traditional recipes – both veg. and non-veg. like Kakori Kabab, Murg Mussalam, Nimona etc.. Any discussion on the Awadh cuisine is welcome.

Kakori Kabab
Before  I begin with my travel blogs I would like to mention here that my son-in-law Prashant (Almora Boy) is a Uttrakhand trek freak and blogs extensively on http://almoraboy.blogspot.in/2006/09/travel-diary-on-uttarakhand-himalayas.html   Any one who is trekking in that region must read the blog. It has minute details and some excellent photographs.

My recent reading included “Lucknow Boy -  A memoir” by Vinod Mehta. I am myself a Lucknow Boy therefore was looking forward to reading this book. The book had the first chapter about the city life style during Mehta’s young days and the rest, more or less, was about how and why Mr. Mehta went about changing jobs for different reasons. There are some unkind words for few individuals. One of them is Ms. Shobha De'. About a  week back  review of the book was done in a leading publication by Ms. De'. Wherein she reciprocated the sentiment and wrote not-so-many-good-things about the book. It sounds like a full circle.

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