Saturday, 25 February 2012

Interesting  signages during travels
I came across some interesting displays during my travels.Few samples which were captured on camera are here.
This is on a beach front road which has many eateries. It was kept outside on the walkway next to the entrance of a restaurant. I suppose the establishment was targeting a very specific demographic segment of customers. In F&B S or Nutrition classes in IHMs we never taught this kind of special menu or diet.
Pizza Hawaaiian – ham, mushroom,  sausage &  pineapple * Pizza Seafood  * Mango with sticky rice
Pizza Hot American  *  Pizza Fried Minced Pork with basil leave & chili * Plain Mango
Hard Rock Café in restricts entry of WMD and Drugs. The town  is world famous for drugs, sleaze  and prostitution. Never came across any SOP manual on how to deal with a customer who decides to come in with a nuclear weapon.

Gokarna, Karnataka
Outside the famous Mahabaleshwara temple this little snack shack the menu includes Brack-fast, Milk Sheks but the interesting  item was under the Sopt -Drinks  namely Dadar Lassi. Since I spent 12 years in Dadar and am still living in heart of Dadar between Shiavji Park and Siddhi Vinayak temple, this one was a bit intriguing (Dadar + Lassi = ???) so I ordered one. It turned out to be just a regular Lassi. Will not be surprised to find a Karol Bagh Nimbu Pani near Mahabalipuram Shore Temple.
Old Goa
This one is inside a Wax Museum owned by a private entity near Basilica Bom Jesus, Goa . Interestingly one of the exhibit is a wax statue of Veerappan.

Baijnath, Uttrakhand
In the precincts of ancient Mahadev temple.

Yana Rock Formation, Karnataka
At the entrance of Bhasmasur Rock, Yana this sign board in middle of the thick jungle reads – “Wines and chickens are prohibited. Dangar with honeybee. Keep quite. Cooking and campfire in this plase is prohibited.”

Melaka, Malaysia (Malacca)
An epitaph in St Francis Xavier’s Church built in 1856 located on Jalan Laksamana, Malacca. Free citizen ????

Shankracharya Math, Karnataka
On the wall of a math en route Sirsi – Jog Falls.

Port Dickson, Malaysia
Port Dickson or PD to locals is a beach and holiday destination situated about 90 km from Kuala Lumpur. Thi sign on the wall of a change room reads “Boy 1 Ringgit Girl Ringgit” i.e. Ladies & Gents PD style .
Phuket, Thailand
On the shopping area street in evening .

Famous Calangute beach Goa
Action on the beach – tourist attraction

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